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Thanksgiving Games for Grown-ups

November 11, 2012

Adult Fun

We love games and the holidays are a great time for some game fun. With Thanksgiving on the way this is a good one for all ages. And it can get really creative for adults, especially after a few libations :)

Pass the Buck

You need a good memory for this one.

Players sit in a circle. The first player starts by saying, “At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey.” The next player must repeat this and add another dish, “At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey and bread stuffing.” The third player must repeat it and add yet another dish, “At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey, bread stuffing and sweet potatoes.” The game continues with each player adding an item to the menu after first listing all the previous items in the exact order they were first said. If a player makes a mistake–out they go!

The game continues until there is just one mnemonic expert left.


Picture Puzzle

Print out large pictures of things that are thanksgiving-related like turkeys, cranberries etc. Cut these pictures into square parts in either 4,6 or 8 parts (depending on the number of people that there are). Mix all the pictures. On a flat surface (or even the floor), keep a chart paper and some glue ready. Distribute the pictures amongst all the participants, but make sure that they can’t see them until the buzzer rings. At the go of the buzzer, the participants have to turn their picture over and then scramble to find the people who have the rest of the picture. They then get to the chart paper and proceed to stick the parts together to make the full picture. The team that finishes first, wins.


Thanksgiving Bingo

This one’s played like the normal Bingo game, but with a Thanksgiving twist. Instead of using the traditional numbers, prepare a number of statements that are Thanksgiving related, like ‘always watches the football game on Thanksgiving’, ‘loves turkey’. Then print out a sheet that has all these phrases on them. Call out these statements like you would the numbers. Have the participants mark them out. The rules of both games are the same. If you’re finding it too difficult to come up with those statements or it’s getting too confusing, you could stick to the good-old Bingo game itself. That’s just as much fun.


Transfer the Confetti

Divide the members into two teams. Then from within each team, tag each member against another member from the other team. These two have to compete with each other. Have the first two contestants stand on one side of the room and place 2 empty containers on the opposite end. Place two containers that are full of confetti behind each contestant. The objective of this game is that they have to transfer the confetti from the bowl to the empty containers. The game might seem relatively easy, but you forget that confetti is very light and can fly off easily, so the challenge is to transfer as much as possible to the empty container. You could time each round. Make sure that you mark the container level to see who has won. Play the game till all the members are exhausted, and then have the winners of each game play against the other and the final two play the last game for the final winner.

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