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Summer Family Fun

August is the last month of the summer and has also been deemed “National Family Fun Month”.

Here are some creative ideas to send time with your family doing all sorts of educating, physically fun and inspired projects.

Use this month to continue to build strong relationships and initiate family rituals and routines that will carry throughout the rest of the year.

SPORTS: making physical activity and exercise FUN!
• Mini golf
• Bowling
• Swimming
• Ice or Roller Skating
• Hiking- find your local trails and bring along a picnic. Keep it eco-friendly with reusable snack packs, water bottles and healthy snack mixes.
• Obstacle Course- you can go to a local play ground or set up one in your yard using all sorts of implements. Just get creative: pool noodles, balls, blocks, hula hoops, jump ropes.


CRAFTS: tap into your artistic side and enjoy these projects.
• Make a kite and fly it- easy instructional pages across the internet.
• Paint party— choose a backyard fence or wall and collaborate with the family on a mural or themed design and get painting. OR start with fun face painting of favorite animals, super heroes, and imaginative creatures. Than get out the swimsuits and do some full body painting for super fun!
• Paper mache- this is a great project that can go in several different directions. Choose to make masks of each other, or family pets. Or simply pretty abstract pieces that you can hang in your gardens or outside areas.
• Journaling- use an array of materials, blank books, stickers, pens, pencils, paints, glitter- collect it all and keep a daily collage of your dreams, ideas and activities.


STIMULATING: exercise the mind and your competitive spirit with these ideas.
• Word and number games
• Game night-everything from Jenga, to board games to checkers and Scrabble will get the whole family thinking and entertained.
• Cards-Crazy 8’s, Uno and Go Fish are all family favorites.
• Puzzles-now days there is the option to have your own photos or designs printed and made into puzzles as well.
• Cooking—have everyone choose their favorite food and learn how to prepare it in the kitchen together. Gather ingredients to make pizzas, cookies, crackers and all sorts of treats.

Family time means something special and individual to each of us. It is nice to remember to share gratitude for distant family members and older generations in your gatherings as well. Volunteering and giving back to your local communities are also ways to be together and make a positive difference in our world.


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