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About Nirvana Mama

PR Guru

Things I Love (that you might not!):

  • I love putting out fires of the digital variety.
  • I thrive when I’m working behind the scenes.
  • Service and excellence? My unofficial middle names.
  • I am a Detail Queen. Seriously, a detail-filled day is a good one for me.
  • I’m happy taking specific directions and following them, but I also know how to manage my time, take initiative to fill gaps and hold myself accountable for getting our goals completed.
  • I love my computer and I love interacting with real humans through my computer.
  • I am very tech savvy and can help you become tech savvy too.
  • I am a communicator with great instincts. Maybe I even over-communicate at times, because it’s that important to me.


  • Google (gmail, gcal, gdocs)
  • Facebook (posts, ads, shop)
  • Great verbal and written communication skills
  • Basic WordPress/Wix/Weebly Website Management (formatting posts and pages, maintenance, updates)

What I Do For You:

On our journey together, I’ll bring practical tools, a wealth of experience, and inspiration galore. I lead with vision, heart and awareness.

  • Writing news articles and getting them published
  • Formatting and sending email newsletters
  • Formatting and publishing blog posts
  • Editing and revamping web sites
  • Personalized computer training
  • Social media campaigns

Does this sound like a dream come true?


About Tara Dickinson, B.F.A.

I’m a Marketing Consultant and Virtual Assistant. Nirvana Mama, organic clothing creator. Chocolate lover and Paleo cook extraordinaire. I donate my time and talents to a sustainable green movement:



“Tara has been unlocking the mysteries of social media, online marketing, email campaigns,
and all things computer related for me with great expertise and patience. I rely on her to clear up my frequent confusions and recommend her services to all, especially to those of us who feel ‘computer challenged’ and could use some clear and easy teaching instruction as well as her professional marketing skills with our businesses.”

-Mary Segal


“What I thought started out as a simple way for me to get help with the back end of my business, turned out to be an energizing revamp of my marketing plan and how I approach growing my business.

As a solopreneur I was feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do. For every hour of revenue activity there is at least 2-4 hours of non-revenue activity so I was working at least 100 hours a week!!! I love my business and it is blossoming, but yikes, I need a life too.

Tara is phenomenal in cutting right to the heart of what I really need. I thought I needed help in one area but she quickly assessed the situation and proposed a slightly different angle in how to support me. She has a deep set of skills that spans copy writing, graphic design, social media, pr and marketing.

If you are looking for a smart assistant who is in sync with the latest trends, look no further. Tara can get you from A to B, or I should say, Tara can get you from business overwhelm to business bliss, she is the Business Nirvana Mama.”

-Amba Greene