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My Hysterical History

Nirvana Mama Owner, Tara Dickinson

Road trip to N.C. to enjoy the change of seasons.

Who is Nirvana Mama? Good question….

Tara Dickinson, me, owner, creator, visionary!, was born a Gemini in Berkeley C.A. in 1971 (ug!–just gave my age away). After a normal start to life with a cute baby sister following in my footsteps 2 years later, mom and dad separated. In search of herself (this was the 70’s) mom found a spiritually inspiring teacher, Ma Jaya, and to make a long story short I ended up living on an ashram in Florida for 30 years. Although sincerely embracing all traditions, our ashram (which means spiritual community) is definitely Hindu based. Thus I was raised celebrating a lot of Hindu holidays and traditions. I loved the Hindu aspect that I was taught, multi-layered and so diverse. Everything and everyone was welcome. Even through a rebellious stint during the teenage years, I was on a spiritual path for better or worse (the verdict is still out on that one!).

Inquisitive, studious and non-trusting until I researched and made sure I understood everything first, I dove into as much literature about the various religions, Hindu deities, stories, volumes of texts, and Buddhist literature that I came upon. From there I fell inlove with certain representations of god, in Hindu mythology, Mother Kali, and here on earth in human form with the Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Hindu saint Neem Karoli Baba. This is where the inspiration for the art of Nirvana Mama comes from.

Owner of Nirvana Mama, Tara Dickinson

Local Holiday Market in South FL, 2016

Through an awareness of self and of the moment, I strive to be who I am and share that with others. I am hoping Nirvana Mama can bring smiles and lightness to many people’s lives, as well as an awareness for the environment, as they raise the children in their midst.

(my heart greets your heart)

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  1. Tony Fairfield says:

    Insightful, humorous, intelligent. Can see how the origins of the company stared here. Many well wishes for success.

  2. Johnette says:

    What a neat arieclt. I had no inkling.

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