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Your Money Has a Mouth

Every dollar you spend is saying something. With every purchase you are making a choice. One choice I’d like to share is the opportunity to choose smaller verses large businesses.

With the new awareness that the difficult times of the economy has recently presented, people are realizing that shopping small can make a big difference in their local communities and for small business, usually middle-class owners, around the country. It is widely felt that small businesses drive innovation, create new jobs and increase U.S. competitiveness.

Big corporations are machines of economic centralization; meaning they tend to inhale huge amounts of wealth and capital and deliver it to a rather small number of people.

This sort of concentration of wealth has several consequences, one of the most important—it can give large corporations the ability to dominate local markets, essentially pushing out smaller businesses and keeping new ones from developing.

I think most of us enjoy personal service, the innovation and creativity that smaller businesses bring to our lives. So here are a few things your support does for small businesses (like Nirvana Mama J

  1. Small businesses are owned and operated by people who live in the community and give back to the community.
  2. Small business owners are passionate about their businesses and they go the extra mile to make using their goods or services a good experience for customers.
  3. The American economy was built one small business at a time and if we want to continue to grow, we want small businesses to thrive.
  4. Owners of small businesses take pride in their companies and workmanship and it shows in quality products and services.
  5. Small local businesses use other local business and stores.
  6. Small businesses give good customer service. Very often you deal with the owner and not employees.
  7. The support of small business directly supports American families and our economy.

Fred Baldassaro, assistant administrator for communications and engagement at the U.S. Small Business Administration, noted, “Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs. More than half of working Americans either own or work for a small business.”

This is a strong statement and an important one to think about.

It may be an old fashioned notion, but I think many believe small businesses need to stick together, support one another. So let those green bills in your wallet do the talking. I know this small business sure appreciates your time and support giving Nirvana Mama the opportunity to continue to grow and share or magic!


2 Responses

  1. Jenny Tower says:

    Let’s do it!
    Noted and shared.

  2. Billy R. Enio says:

    Money speaks volumes, always has and always will. We have the option to make change happen with this power. Thank you for raising the consciousness.

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