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Make Valentine’s Day a Green Holiday!

Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE. How can we let those we care about know we value them? We are used to buying and receiving candy and flowers as love tokens. There is nothing wrong with that, but is there something else we can do that might break a consumer trend and help change us into doing something loving?

If you are living with or close to your loved ones, then opportunities abound for discovering a loving action. For example taking care of a chore or needed repair: fix a car stereo, hang the new light fixture and along the way leave a trail of love notes and surprises to accompany the action.

How do you figure out what your loved one might appreciate? Most of us have chores we do willingly and those that we dread. Pick one or two of the less desirable and plan to do those for him or her. These heart-felt actions take the pressure off our financial worries as well as encouraging us to take a fresh look at our loved ones.

A few fun Valentine’s Day stats:

  • 1 billion valentines are sent each year globally, making it the 2nd largest card-sending day behind Christmas.
  • Over 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year.
  • Valentine’s Day is the top holiday for flower purchases with red roses being most popular.
  • 10% of wedding engagements happen on Valentine’s Day.

Looking to move beyond the ubiquitous dozen roses this Valentine’s Day? Use your imagination! In case you’re stuck, here are a few Valentine’s Day gifts ideas:

  • Cards made from recycled or tree-free paper or send an e-card.
  • Love notes that offer a service, treat or even a chore to be completed by the giver.  Place these in a decorated jar that the receiver can pick from.
  • Make your own reusable gift basket filled with items listed or any other eco-friendly products! Make it fun!
  • Make your own chocolate hand dipped goodies. Try chocolate dipped using white/vanilla baking chocolate melted in the microwave and then rolled about 3/4 of the large pretzels sticks in it. Add some chocolate sprinkles. And you can use all organic ingredients!
  • Fair trade and/or organic chocolate. Endangered Species  donates 10% of their net profits to help support at-risk species, habitat and humanity, these delicious chocolates are made with ethically traded, shade-grown cacao and are certified organic. They offer many vegan options too.
  • Choose organic and/or locally grown flowers.
  • If you wish to give jewelry, consider pre-owned or purchasing from jewelers who are certified to be sourcing precious metals and gemstones in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. Remember to support your local small jeweler.
  • Buy the person a gift certificate for holistic therapies-massage, naturopath, health spa.
  • Stay “in” a make a special homemade meal by using locally grown ingredients, accompanied by a nice organic wine.
  • Visit Abe’s Market (Nirvana Mama now a partner!). They offer a hand-picked, extensive selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly goods on the web.  In addition the brand name faves you find at Whole Foods (think Burt’s Bees & Weleda), Abe’s also brings back the essence of what people loved about their corner store with hand crafted products – and by sharing the stories behind the people who sell them. The site’s top Valentine’s gifts for 2012 include Honeybee Gardens’ odorless and non-toxic nail color in “Valentine” – a soft pink – plus organic lip balms (aptly named All The Better To Kiss You With) created by a mother in search of a pure alternative for her baby with allergies.

Taking a few minutes to really “see” your dear one in a new light may help you appreciate all they do for you as well. The idea of love in action adding the dimension of appreciation and caring for the small daily activities that comprise our lives – can make even just one day that much easier for someone we care about.

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  1. Donna Blake says:

    Thank you for the super creative and fun ideas. Went over great with the whole tribe. Happy Love Day!

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