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Green Tips for New Parents

We hopefully all know and devoutly employ the big three: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Here are a few extra easy and satisfying ideas to go green in your home and in your lifestyle while being a new parent. These are great habits to develop and will be easy to pass down to your children as they grow up.

  • DISPOSABLES: Switch to cloth diapers or combination of both. Even one less diaper per day means 365 fewer diapers in the landfill a year.
  • TOTES: No more disposable bags: over 1 billion plastic bags are discarded every year. Now that you’ll be carrying a diaper bag around at all times, make it a habit to fold up and include a few reusable tote bags in your arsenal.
  • PLASTICS: Reusable water bottles. The chemicals in plastics aren’t good for mama or baby. A nice alternative is stainless steel reusable water bottles. They come in all sizes, which are perfect for big and little hands.
  • PAPER: Reuse all scrap paper. Great for art projects with the kids.
  • FOOD: Try making your own baby food. Anytime we can cook at home and not buy processed foods it’s a huge benefit for your health. There are endless sources on the Internet for making organic baby food and it is so easy!


Just take small steps; everything makes a difference.

Get creative and most of all have with it!

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  1. Tanya Granda says:

    Thank you for the easy and practical tips! Seems like we can get our kids involved in the different projects with ease making these changes part of our routine.

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