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Flip Flops, Refrigerators & Crayons: We Can Recycle it All!

It’s time for a big shift everyone. Instead of thinking I can recycle just bottles, cans, newspaper—start thinking, “What CAN’T I recycle.?!” In today’s increasingly eco-friendly environment local and national organizations are on their way to collecting almost anything that usually ends up in the garbage.

Here are a few unexpected items that can be part of your recycling routine.

  • FILP FLOPS & ELECTRONICS: Mail in your used flip-flops to receive a coupon for an in-store purchase at Old Navy.  You can also send in old keyboards, webcams and mice and earn money for your favorite charity by participating. Visit to get more information on any of its collection programs.
  • CARPETS: Re-doing your floors? The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) provides solutions for recycling carpet.  Head to and click the “Waste Diversion” tab to view a list of CARE’s carpet reclamation partners. There are many options for home or business owners, including drop-off locations and pick-up services.
  • CRAYONS: If your kids are tired of drawing with old crayons, don’t throw them out: give them new life by sending them to the National Crayon Recycle Program at  This community program collects crayons and turns them into Crazy Crayons – old crayons melted into fun shapes and swirled colors – which you can order for your kids to enjoy.
  • ANY HOUSEHOLD ITEM: Your local Habitat for Humanity,, resells building materials, furniture & appliances.  The proceeds fund local Habitat construction. I personally furnished 90% of my home from these stores.
  • LOCAL CONNECTIONS: Check out to discover recycling opportunities in your area.  Type in what you want to recycle, your zip code and Earth 911 provides a list of drop off locations or mail-in opportunities.

Yes it might take more effort than just tossing things into your trash bin. But we want to be a conscious society and move away from living just a ‘convenient’ lifestyle. Let’s make that extra effort! See exactly just how little you can create in actual waste.

Added benefits include the opportunity to clean out your home; make some money for yourself, charities or schools; give back to those in need; and teach your children that recycling is a smart, conscious choice where we can all contribute.

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  1. Tammy Jenkins says:

    Great info–had no idea. Thanks for sharing the insight Nirvana Mama.

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