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Expanding the Green Mama

The Vision

Nirvana Mama seems like an evolution of my whole life, of the choices I’ve made and the places I have been. Part of my life is being on a spiritual path, which involves meditation or just being still and tapping into the silence. Nirvana Mama drew its first spark of inspiration in a mediation session. As I was supposed to be deep in the silence and way over my head with the one-ness of the universe, I instead had thoughts of kids’ clothes running through my mind.

I had been making gifts for friends using iron-on applications of images of gods and goddess, inspiring holy teachers and angels. They seemed to be well received and quite popular. ‘Why not share with the world?’ it finally dawned on me.

With creative meetings conducted via email, and friends participating from East Coast to West, “Nirvana Mama” was born. In collaboration with the extremely talented artist Jaya Frank, we began the exploration of icons and deities, creating new inspiring art revealing happy, child-like images to apply to infant and toddler clothes.



I am definitely one of those characters who LOVES being their own boss.  Being able to work in the middle of the night or early morning—times when I am most productive– is just so liberating. Though my past careers I have gained especially relevant experience in managing large projects; I have a really great work ethic; I am intensely organized; and I highly believe that I can make a difference in the lives of the people I will be able to touch with my business.

After being with a marketing firm for over 2 years, getting a good yearly review but being told basically there was no upward movement, nowhere for me to advance to the fully creative side of design that I was interested in, I had to move on.

Being self-employed offers tremendous benefits of being your own boss. The responsibilities are 10 times more than I had imagined (still learning bookkeeping and taxes?!), but I love it all. When I need help I have resources of talented friends I can turn to. When I can’t decide if I should get pink or lavender I start a brainstorming session with my friends from across the country (thank you technology!).

And what I truly look towards is the future. I know so many talented people in many different fields of expertise. I would love to employ them full-time, help those struggling and scraping by when they all could be doing some much more with their talents. The idea of supporting friends, family, others in the creative business is a joyous thought. That is why I want to be self-employed. I want to share the joy of fulfillment and the abundance of prosperity. Plus I truly believe there is a little magic in my product that can bring happiness to the people it touches.


Organic a Must

Awareness and protection of our use of the earth is vastly important to me. It has been 10 times more difficult to go organic (as well as chemical-free dyes and water based inks) but I so strongly believe in the power of the choices each of us makes that I will stick to this path and hopefully inspire others to so the same.

Out of site is NOT out of mind. Every single one of us actually CAN make a difference. The money we spend says volumes. Thus Nirvana Mama will always be 100% organic or made from recycled materials in an eco-conscious manner.

Nirvana Mama is mostly focused on items for kids, but I got such a strong call from the grown-ups that we now carry options for both. All items are made with 100% organic cotton in America. Silk-screened in Florida with all water-based inks.


To the Moon!

Future plans for the business include expanding the line to include more choices: colors and sizes; pants, shirts, dresses and of course new images. But mainly the immediate goal is get the technical, tangible and creative elements I need to make Nirvana Mama a worldwide success!

I would like to take on a partner who has more of the financial/business experiences as a talent as well as finding a means for capital to invest in our expansion.

Nirvana Mama has gotten requests from several on-line alternative & organic forums as well as bricks and mortar chains on the West Coast. To be able to fulfill these requests we need a large bump in inventory and liquid equity.

Nirvana Mama will be an ever-changing company with its ultimate goal to bring to creative light what the customer desires. I wish to spread the magic of simplicity, joy and love thru my clothes where everyone can wear a bit of peace and happiness.

There is no joy like spreading Joy!- Unknown


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  1. Kim Allison says:

    Wow-what a journey! Inspirational. Love that you are keeping to your ideals. Keep going. We love your designs and materials and look forward to new creations :)

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