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Eating Bones Healed My Teeth

It was a dark and stormy night, long, long ago…. OK kidding aside, I really started my latest health regime on July 2nd 2013.

We need a little history to set the stage. When I was a kid I had radiation treatment on targeted areas of my head. At this same time my teeth were still developing (I was a late starter in this arena, didn’t lose my first tooth till I was 9). The side effects lead to almost complete annihilation of my salivary glands. Thus a lifetime of dry mouth ensued and all the problems that come along with that package. Add poor genetics from my father’s side of the family and lets just say I have one set of crappy teeth!

Now the story moves from teeth to guts (I hope you don’t have a weak stomach!). I have been dealing with ulcerative colitis since 2003. This is basically a condition where the immune system (they think) over-reacts and attacks the intestinal lining of your large intestines.

I am one to do my research and enjoy learning as much as I can about my condition or medications I have to take and all the alternatives available. Thru my studies I found a valid case being made that dental problems could lead to and exacerbate issues in the guts. With 7 crowns and 5 root canals that include unhealed swollen gums that have been infected since these procedures, I had to take notice. If one is chewing with infected teeth and releasing all that bad bacteria down into the guts on a daily basis it only logically makes sense that there might be contributing issues here.

So I moved my quest to concur the mouth. I began oil pulling, stimulating the gums with Thieves essential oils, brushing with prescription based fluoride, regular cleanings, etc. etc. Alas-no improvement. Problems actually worsened.

Believe it or not I had another two teeth not counted above with root canals and crowns but lost both (back most molars on top). The structure just couldn’t hold on anymore. It was the possibility of losing yet another tooth this summer that moved me to drastic action. I had the first abscess of my life in conjunction with an active cavity where I could not chew on one side of the mouth. Holy sh@t! Talk about pain. That made the top five of my worst experiences list.

I was examined by three different dentists and all they could recommend was to pull the tooth with the possibility of adding an implant in the future. From what I had learned about root canals and implants and the subsequent damage they can do to your overall health this was not an option I was willing to take.

There HAD to be another choice.

Thank god for the Internet. The wisdom source of all-knowledge-gathered-in-the-world-to-date at your fingertips. Type in “healing teeth naturally” and the truth awaits. So after days and days of reading material, talking to other suffers and doing my due diligence I took the following actions.


I read so many resources that it’s hard to pinpoint the exact place, but I keep coming back to Rameil Nagel and Dr. Weston Price. Nagel has a great book, “Cure Tooth Decay: Remineralize Cavities & Repair Your Teeth”.

I watched all Nagel’s videos on YouTube and came away with knowing that making my own beef bone broth and eating it every day just sounded completely logical.

Slowly cooking bones gives the bone and connective tissues time to breakdown. The result is a perfect balance of minerals that are easily absorbed by the body to support bone health combined with lots of collagen for connective tissue health as well as healthy fats from the marrow to make all the above more bio-available to your system. (A nice side effect, this is also great for healing the intestinal lining!)

It’s so simple! I buy grass fed beef bones from “Okeechobee Farms”, owners Steven & Maya who come to the Vero Beach Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. I brown the bones in the oven for 45 minutes with veggies. Than into the slow cooker for 24 hours or more. I do large batch at a time and freeze anything more than a weeks worth. I usually have a cup for breakfast or make a soup with it later in the day. Delicious!


So this one is really gross. Since I have a difficult time swallowing pills I choose the liquid version. It tastes like dumpster slime. But I do it. Every morning, first thing. 1-2 teaspoons. (I found that having anything else in the stomach might cause a burp or two and burping cod liver oil is just too much for even this girl to take!)

Cod liver oil has the same amount of vitamin A as 5 quarts of milk, 9 eggs, or 1 pound of excellent butter. Note: the vitamin D in cod liver oil is also very important in preventing tooth decay.


Now I recommend that you do your own research, these statements are based on my personal findings. But I am now of the school of thought that believes fluoride and conventional toothpaste actually cause damage to your teeth.

I use a mixture or 3-1 baking soda/salt and hydrogen peroxide. This is my new tooth paste and I use it one to two times a day. Any time I think of skipping I make myself remember that abscess. NEVER AGAIN! It’s called “The Secret”-check it out.


Only organic grass-fed mine you. I have been a butter lover all my life, but about 10 years ago stopped all dairy and used a soy alternative. So happy to have found this research. Butter is back! I currently use Kerry Gold Grass Fed Butter from Ireland (available at Publix) until I can find some locally.

Dr. Weston A Price was the founder of this idea. He traveled the world to find the building blocks of optimal health and isolated a critical unnamed fat-soluble vitamin he called the ‘X-Factor’. It turns out the X-factor was vitamin K2, which is crucial in the delivery of calcium to the bones for appropriate deposition and removal of excess minerals from soft tissues to prevent calcification such as the arteries and kidneys. Basically it is the key to proper bone development, immunity, sound neurological function and dental strength.


Pain free! It took 2 days for the intense pain of the abscess to subside and than another 7-10 for the swelling to go down and get back to normal. The pain of the active cavity also subsided; took about a week. Within two weeks I was chewing on that side of my mouth again. Within in a month I could see a visible difference and notice no sensitivity at all. My gums have healed so much that the bottoms of some my crowns have poked out (it’s ok, I got it checked). And during a deep gum cleaning my dentist was able to measure the pocket-level; wouldn’t you know it-there’s improvement.

I did other immediate actions for the abscess but for the overall health of my teeth, the steps listed above are now a ritual with an exceptional day skipped here and there. I have a long way to go. And it will be a constant vigil but it feels so good to have found other options.



If you need to find a biological dentist in your area, I recommend visiting, a resource sponsored by Consumers for Dental Choice. The organization also heads up the Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

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  1. Marsha Young says:

    Searching for options in dealing with painful sensitive teeth I came upon your bog. I love your writing :) You’re brave and I applaud you for your efforts in finding alternatives. Thanks for the great research. I’m on my way!

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