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Deep Look into Organic

This month I have spent a tremendous amount of time researching the cotton industry, where clothing manufactures obtain their materials and how this turns into the production of high-quality garments.

Through a lot of testing, questioning and talking with others in the industry I have found some really honest and good suppliers of non-toxic and healthy clothing for the Nirvana line (not to mention supremely rich in texture and feel!).

I have been a highly progressive and staunch advocate of being aware of our planet since my very first days in college, back in the late 80’s. College was truly an educational experience that I’ve taken to heart since those days and into every day. I compost, was a vegetarian for 30 years, recycle 95% of anything I come into contact with and try to share with others the alternatives out there for all aspects of our lives. (Really pushing no plastic right now, especially in bottled water! We are actually consuming things that are worse for us AND costs unnecessary dollars….but that’s another subject :)

Out of site is NOT out of mind. Every single one of us actually CAN make a difference. The money we spend says volumes. Large corporations and big business that cares little for your actual health as well as our planets can’t keep doing what they do if we don’t give them our money.

Thus from this day forward, Nirvana will be 100% organic or made from recycled materials in an eco-conscious manner.

Just a bit more explanation and why choosing organic is important: Organic cotton uses sustainable growing methods such as crop rotation instead of agrochemicals and artificial fertilizers. These safe farming methods keep our cotton chemical free, preserve our land soil, conserve energy, and protect our environment and health.

Why choose organic cotton over conventional cotton?

Organic agriculture promotes a safer and healthier environment by reducing the exposure of toxic chemicals used in production of conventional cotton. Organic farming methods improve soil fertility, preserve our environment and protect our air, water, and food supply from harmful chemicals. Conventional cotton is cultivated in a highly toxic process – contaminating groundwater and poisoning the food chain. While it takes approximately one pound of chemicals to grow three pounds of conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown chemical free.

Why does organic cotton feel softer?

Because organic cotton is grown without any chemicals; the fibers of the organic cotton are longer, softer and less brittle, making organic clothes comfortable to wear.

Thank you for being aware and making the choice to live a conscious life!

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  1. Billy R. Enio says:

    Another informative and wise post. Thanks for trying to open our eyes and our hearts.

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