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100% Organic - Nirvana Mama

  • Longevity: organic cotton clothing is made to last. My clothing has been designed to wear well and has its own recycling ability as hand-me-downs.
  • Healthy Planet: safe farming methods keep our cotton chemical free, preserve our soil, conserve energy and protect our environment and health.
  • Out with Chemicals! Nourished without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers; grown from non-genetically altered seeds and finished with environmentally friendly low impact dyes.
  • Softer: because organic cotton is grown without any chemicals, the fibers of the cotton are longer, softer and less brittle.
  • Smart Choice: choosing an organic product from Nirvana Mama you are choosing a more sustainable future. Organic gives you the option to raise a natural baby, a ‘green’ baby.


Organic Cotton - Nirvana Mama

  • Uses untreated and non-genetically modified seeds
  • Builds strong soil through crop rotation
  • Increased organic matter means more efficient water use and less water waste
  • Relies mostly on the seasonal freeze for defoliation rather than using toxic chemicals
  • Plants maintain a balance between pests and their natural predators instead of using harmful pesticides


Organic agriculture promotes a safer and healthier environment by reducing the exposure of toxic chemicals used in production of conventional cotton. Organic farming methods improve soil fertility, preserve our environment and protect our air, water and food supply from harmful chemicals. Conventional cotton is cultivated in a highly toxic process – contaminating groundwater and poisoning the food chain. While it takes approximately one pound of chemicals to grow three pounds of conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown chemical free.


Organic Cotton Field - Nirvana MamaOrganic cotton is grown without herbicides, pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is farmed naturally using sustainable growing methods such as crop rotation instead of agrochemicals and artificial fertilizers. These safe farming methods keep our cotton chemical free, preserve our soil, conserve energy and protect our environment and health.

For those who want to choose green living, Nirvana Mama will always be your source for earth-friendly clothing and eco-chic designs, dressing the whole family. Going green with kids and making conscious choices has just gotten a little easier.